Diagnoosi sähköisten ajoneuvojen järjestelmät-laitteet SPE NTS
SPE NTS on julkaissut 10. painos kirjasta Diagnostiikka-sähköisten ajoneuvojen järjestelmät-laitteet SPE NTS.
Tämä julkaisu sisältää kuvauksen diagnostisten laitteiden ja tietojärjestelmien valmistetaan NPP NTS auton VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, IZH, CHEVROLET-NIVA, DAEWOO, KIA-SHUMA/SPECTRA, RENAULT Logan, HYUNDAI Accent, Ford Focus, OPEL, VAG: AUDI, VW, SKODA, SEAT.
The book includes articles on the diagnosis ECM injector vehicle and other electronic systems, equipment injection VAZ. The Appendix contains the fault codes and fast injection systems. Designed for professionals on the diagnosis and the owners of the car.The book includes a description of the diagnostic devices produced by the company of NPP ","NTS"," notes on the diagnosis of fuel-injected vehicle, equipment injection VAZ, the best works of participants of the annual contest held by the NPP ","NTS"". The Appendix contains the fault codes and fast injection systems.
NEW MATERIALS in the 10th edition:
- Network coverage - more than 220 diagnosed blocks
- News - devices SPE NTS
- DST-10N - now with 6 firmware and updates via the Internet!
- Updated the Diagnostics of VAZ
A series of articles by G. N. Emelkina from a magazine Behind the wheel
- Articles of winners SPE NTS - 2007
Contest NPP NTS - 2008.

Publisher: NPP NTS/DjVu(fully recognized)+DOC

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