Repair manual BMW cars equipped with engines: (M30-B28, M30-B30, M30-В32, M30-B34, M30-B35, M30-В32 / B34 - Turbo, M70-B50) and issued with body styles - sedan model: E23 and Е32.
This manual describes the features and operation of the vehicle, instructions for operation and maintenance engine type M30 and their modifications.
The manual contains information on setup and maintenance of carburetors "Zenith 35/40 INAT", "DVF Solex-4A1"; fuel injection system: "L-Jetronic", "Motronic".
In a separate section of the manual describes the gearbox with mechanical (MT) and automatic (automatic transmission) gearshift, suspension, steering of the vehicle, the brake system, the data control points to check the geometric parameters of the body, provides information on the electrical equipment and electrical circuits BMW.

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