Automatic transmission (automatic transmission) Toyota cars: - A130L, A131L, А132, A132L, A140L, А140Е, A240L, А241Ц А241Е, А241Н, А245Е, А540Е, А540Н, А541Е.
This guide provides step-by-step full description of action for the disassembly, repair and Assembly of automatic transmissions (automatic transmission) TOYOTA cars with rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive (4x4).
The manual contains detailed information on the device and the specifics of automatic transmissions TOYOTA. It describes the hydraulic system and electronic control system automatic transmission. The possible codes of faults and malfunctions and methods of their elimination. Listed design features of the various elements of the control system for automatic transmissions Toyota. The described sequence of execution of works on the diagnosis, disassembly, inspection units and the Assembly of gearboxes, Toyota. The description of the valve assemblies for all the above models, automatic transmission. In this book, there is also useful information for diagnosing, disassembly, repair and Assembly of transfer cases that are also installed with gearboxes of this type.

Automatic transmission Toyota (Volume 2) is at this link: - [URL]

Special thanks for this guide to our user - gololo

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