Toyota Carina E 1992-1997 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
In this guide discusses methods of repair Toyota Carina E 1992-1997 release with petrol engines of 1.6 liters (1587 cc), 1.8 litre (1762 cc) and 2.0 litre (1998 cc). As well as the failures and Troubleshooting, maintenance. The guide describes the design of the car is set out consistently and in detail various Assembly-deconstruction operation, repair and adjusting works on the car. The described techniques work in a specialized workshop with use of special devices. Also specific recommendations for car care in a home workshop.

The main vehicle used in the preparation of this manual, and which appears in many of the photographic sequences, was a 1996 Toyota Carina E 1.6 S Hatchback with a 1587 cc 4A-FE economy engine and manual transmission. Also used was a 1994 Toyota Carina E 2.0 GLi with a 1998 cc 3S-FE engine and automatic transmission.

Publisher: "Haynes Publishing"

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