TOYOTA STARLET 1989-1999 (petrol / diesel) - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
An electronic copy of the illustrated reference guide to repair of automobiles Toyota Starlet. It is also a user manual and maintenance Toyota Starlet, model, 2WD & 4WD, 1989 and 1999 release. These vehicles equipped with diesel engines, internal combustion - 1N (1.5 l) and petrol engines 1E (1,0 l), 2E, 4E-F, 4E-FE (1.3 liter), 4E-FTE (1.3 litre turbo).
In this manual is described the design of the car, the different Assembly need to perform the operation, repair and adjusting works on the car. Also describes possible fault car STARLET and methods of their elimination.
A separate section of the manual is the instruction manual for car Toyota Starlet, in which recommendations for maintenance and electrical equipment (wiring) of the car.

ISBN 5-88850-156-5

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