Manual repair of engines TOYOTA models 1E, 2E, 2E-C.
Your attention provided guidance on repair and maintenance of engines Toyota models 1E (volume of 1.0 liters), 2E (volume 1,3 liters), 2E-C (volume of 1.3 liters), as well as engines of the series 3E. These engines are installed on such models of cars manufactured TOYOTA: COROLLA, COROLLA SPRINTER, COROLLA II STARLET, CORSA, TERCEL.
The book detailed the car, there are recommendations for maintenance and carrying out minor repairs. A separate section of the guide describes the possible faults and malfunctions that may occur in transit, describes how they diagnose and self-elimination. This book has many color photos that detail and consistently reflect the process of car repair and engines. The user manual claims the mating dimensions of the parts and components, the limits of allowable wear. There is information on diagnostics and repair, and a travel adjustment of the fuel high-pressure pump (injection pump), and other basic systems.

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