TOYOTA CAMRY GRACIA / MARK II QUALIS 1996-2001 (petrol) - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Informational edition repair Manual Toyota Camry Gracia, as well as the device manual of operation and maintenance of the car Toyota Camry Gracia 1996-2001 release equipped gasoline 5S-FE (2.2 l) and 2MZ-FE (2.5 liter) engines.
The book can also be used when repairing the brake system, suspension, steering, electrical, transmission and all engine systems of the car Toyota Mark II Wagon (Qualis), as well as Toyota Windom (08.1996 till 07.2001).
The proposed manual on repair and operation provides descriptions with illustrations showing the controls and individual milestones. Great attention is paid to the section on quick and easy Troubleshooting.
The presented manual for repair based on the experience of the service station and contains specifications, descriptions, repair of individual units, recommendations for maintenance and operation of the car Toyota Camry Gracia. Placed in a separate section of the scheme of electrical equipment (wiring) of the machine.
This book is intended for owners of Toyota Camry Gracia, mechanics, professionals, service stations and garages.

ISBN 5-88850-196-4

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