Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (diesel) 1996-2002 - guide repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
The guide describes car models Land Cruiser Prado 1996-2002 model years and are equipped with diesel engines.
The book contains a phased and detailed description of procedures for operation, maintenance and repair of cars Toyota LAND CRUISER PRADO. These vehicles are equipped with diesel engines 1KZ-TE with a volume of 3.0 liters with turbo charging and electronic control. The manual contains information required to perform the repair and adjustment of system elements electronic engine management (EFI), there are instructions for using the self-diagnostic system automatic gearbox (automatic transmission) and ABS. Also the recommendations for adjustment and repair of mechanical and automatic transmissions (MT), the main elements of the brake system (including ABS), anti-buccofacial vehicle system (TRC) and electronic stability program (VSC), steering and suspension Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. There is also a detailed electrical schematic wiring Prado.

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