Toyota Vista / Vista Ardeo (2WD&4WD) 1998-2003 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Provides guidance on repair step-by-step description of conduct repair and maintenance Toyota Vista / Vista Ardeo, which were issued in 1998-2002. These cars were equipped gasoline-powered models 1ZZ-FE (1,8 l), 3S-FE (volume 2.0 liters) and 3S-FSE (volume 2.0 liters D-4).
The manual contains a description of the repairs and adjustments:
- control systems of gasoline engines (such as fuel injection and ignition),
- system variable valve timing (WT-i),
In the book there are instructions for system self-diagnostics automatic transmission and ABS, recommendations for carrying out adjustment and repair of automatic transmissions and brake systems (including ABS), steering control of the vehicle and the undercarriage. There is the manual electric diagram of the described vehicles.
The guide contains information about the peculiarities of the implementation of fault diagnostics and repair of engines equipped with system of direct injection of gasoline Toyota (D-4) - models of cars with the engine 3S-FSE.

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