Volkswagen Caddy 2003-2008 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
In this book, based on original information considered model 2003 model year.
This guide provides General information about the device of various modifications of the vehicle, recommendations for maintenance, description of all systems of the engine, steering with hydraulic or electric amplifiers, brake systems with ABS and ESP. Provides detailed information on the operation of power systems and engine management, including pump-injectors for diesel engines, replacing a fuel pump of a high pressure.
Also shows the geometrical dimensions, detailed body elements and electrical diagrams of all systems of the car, containing the required amount of information for diagnostics and repair.

The guide contains a description of the gasoline engines:
The 1.4 l (BCA and BUD (55 kW));
1.6 l (BGU,BSE and the BSF (75 kW));
and diesel engines:
The 1.9 litre TDI (BSU (55 kW), BJB, BLS (77 kW)
2.0 l SDI (BDJ, BST (51 kW)

Publisher: Avtomaster

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