S40 Saloon &V40 Estate, inc. T4 &special/limited editions.
Does NOT cover new S40/V50 range introduced Mar 2004, Diesel or bi-fuel models
1.6 litre (1588cc), 1.8 litre (1731, 1783 &1834cc), 1.9 litre (1855cc) & 2.0 litre (1948cc), inc. GDI &Turbo

Safety first! Page 05
Introduction to the Car Model Page 06
Roadside repairs
If your car wont start Page 07
Jump starting Page 08
Wheel changing Page 09
Identifying leaks Page 010
Weekly checks
Introduction Page 011
Underbonnet check points Page 011
Engine oil level Page 012
Coolant level Page 013
Screen washer fluid level Page 013
Tyre condition and pressure Page 014
Brake (and clutch) fluid level Page 015
Power steering fluid level Page 015
Wiper blades Page 016
Battery Page 016
Electrical systems Page 017
Lubricants and fluids Page 018
Tyre pressures Page 018
Routine maintenance and servicing
Petrol models Page 1A1
Servicing specifications Page 1A2
Maintenance schedule Page 1A3
Maintenance procedures Page 1A7
Diesel models Page 1B1
Servicing specifications Page 1B2
Maintenance schedule Page 1B3
Maintenance procedures Page 1B6
Engine and associated systems
1.8 and 2.0 litre petrol engine in-car repair procedures Page 2A1
V6 petrol engine in-car repair procedures Page 2B1
Diesel engine in-car repair procedures Page 2C1
Engine removal and overhaul procedures Page 2D1
Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems Page 31
Fuel and exhaust systems-petrol models Page 4A1
Fuel and exhaust systems-diesel models Page 4B1
Emission control systems Page 4C1
Starting and charging systems Page 5A1
Ignition system-petrol models Page 5B1
Preheating system diesel models Page 5C1
Clutch Page 61
Manual transmission Page 7A1
Automatic transmission Page 7B1
Driveshafts Page 81
Brakes and suspension
Braking system Page 91
Suspension and steering Page 101
Body equipment
Bodywork and fittings Page 111
Body electrical systems Page 121
Wiring diagrams Page 1231
REFERENCE Dimensions and weights Page REF1
Conversion factors Page REF2
Buying spare parts Page REF3
Vehicle identification Page REF4
General repair procedures Page REF5
Jacking and vehicle support Page REF6
Disconnecting the battery Page REF7
Tools and working facilities Page REF8
MOT test checks Page REF10
Fault finding Page REF14
Glossary of technical terms Page REF24
Index Page REF30

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