Volvo 850 1992-1996 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
The Guide provides data on car repair service VOLVO 850
1992-1996 model years engine models: B5202S, B5204S, B5234S, В5234Т, B5252S, B5254S. With the sedan and wagon. The book contains extended information on the following topics:
engines with and without turbocharging;
system engine control, fuel injection and ignition Motronic 4.3 (4.4), Fenix 5.2, LH 3.2 & EZ 1.2;
a five-speed gearbox M56L, N with manual switching and automatic four-speed AW 50-4A;
front suspension type swinging candle;
rear suspension with longitudinal and transverse levers;
steering with hydraulic booster;
brake system Mark IV and Mark 20 antilock braking and traction control systems;
electrical equipment and circuits
methods of adjustments and diagnosing of components and assemblies.

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