Presents detailed step-by-step guide to maintenance and repair of cars VAZ models 2113i, 2114i, 2115i, produced from 1997 equipped with engine capacity of 1.5 liters (this is VAZ-2111). And production of since 2007, equipped with engines of 1.6 liters (this is VAZ-11183).
The guide describes the device VAZ, there are recommendations for their proper maintenance and self-repair.
A separate section of the book describes possible faults in the path and ways of their diagnosis, as well as self-help.
In the manual there is information on transactions of the adjustment, disassembly, Assembly and repair of the car. These operations are listed sequentially displayed details and colour photos, drawings and diagrams
The applications guide has everything you need for the operation, maintenance and repair data is: - tightening torques of threaded connections used lamps and spark plugs, etc.
Also in this book have color wiring diagrams.

Publisher: Third Rome