Guide to maintenance and repair of LADA cars 115, 114 SAMARA (VAZ-2115, VAZ-2114) with 8-valve engines of 1.5 i and 1.6 i., using a stock of spare parts in terms of the garage workshop.

All working operations are accompanied by photographs and detailed comments, saving time, effort and money and to minimize the risk of damaging parts of the car.

The repair and maintenance illustrated with photographs, accompanied by the necessary comments and advice that enable you to work competently, efficiently, quickly and with minimal risk of damaging parts. The tool can only be seen one that is any self-respecting craftsman or which can be purchased at the auto parts store. The structure and operation of the units described in order to best represent the conditions for their proper maintenance and repair. You will find a section for diagnosis, which will help to determine the fault of the car and how to fix it. And even if you already consider yourself an expert, our work will certainly add you confidence in the work.

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