2107, 21072, 21073-40, 21074 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
In the repair manual describes the following car models: VAZ-2107-passenger car with closed four-door monocoque body type, ""sedan"". Gasoline engine working volume of 1.45 L. VAZ-21072 differs from the VAZ-2107 installing carburetor engine capacity of 1.3 liters. VAZ-21073-40 differs from the VAZ-2107 installing the engine, volume of 1.69 liters. fuel injection system. VAZ-21074 differs from the VAZ-2107 installing carburetor engine, with a volume of 1.57 L.
In the main sections of the guide describes the components of the car VAZ-2107. Especially repair remaining models are described in section IX. At the beginning of the manual provides information on operation and maintenance of the car. The guide provides a description of maintenance and repair of the vehicle on the basis of ready spare parts, there are lists of possible failures and recommendations for their elimination, as well as guidance on disassembly and Assembly, adjustment and repair of car parts. When repair is recommended to use special tools and devices listed in Annex 2. Threaded connections when assembling you should tighten with the moments specified in Appendix 1. In Annex 3 shows the lubricants tested in the laboratory of the Volga automobile plant and featured for VAZ. In connection with the ongoing work on improving the car, increasing its reliability and improving operating conditions, the design may be subject to minor changes not reflected in this publication. The guide reflects the design of the car as at December 1997

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