ZAZ-968АБ, 968Б2, 968АБ2, 968АБ4, 968Р - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
To cars for the disabled factory making basic guide to cars ZAZ-968 and 3АЗ-968A and this Annex. Getting a new car, carefully read the contents of the basic manual and this application covers only the original controls, the device features and operation of the vehicle for the disabled. Other issues the construction and operation described in the relevant sections of the basic manual.
On the base of ZAZ-968 plant produces for the disabled cars "Zaporozhets" with the following models: ZAZ-968АБ designed for disabled people who have been amputated or damaged feet, but totally healthy hands. Model ZAZ-968АБ supplied power unit power of 40 BHP with manual hydraulic drive turn off congestion, hand-operated brake and throttle of the carburetor. ZAZ-968Б2, ZAZ-ZAZ 968АБ2 and-968АБ4 designed for disabled people who have damaged one leg, but totally healthy hands. Model ZAZ-968Б2 is equipped with a power unit with a capacity of 27 HP with mechanical or hydraulic drive clutch, and ZAZ-ZAZ 968АБ2 and-968АБ4 — power unit 40 HP with hydraulic clutch. ZAZ-968АБ4 made on the basis of ZAZ-968A, with the use of controls ZAZ-968АБ2. ZAZ-968Р designed for persons with a healthy one arm and one leg. The power unit of a vehicle equipped with an engine of 27 HP with the electromagnetic clutch and gearbox engine capacity 10 HP

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