Tavriya - Slavuta - a selection of books on repair and maintenance.

List of books:

1. Album schemes Fuchadji

One of the best guides on the Taurus. Good old edition.

2. Illustrating manual Tavria in the Third Rome

A new edition, many images, and you can see everything clearly

3. Book Solexa Egorova

Guide to carburettor soleks

4. Book Solexa of Zarulem

Guide magazine Zarulem, Solexa

5. Description Fiat engine for the brand

6. Repair manual Taurus Filipenko

Filipenko is the chief designer Zaza

In two formats, MPE and Dezhavyu

7. The repair manual of Wounds of the Bulls, Slancik

One of the last books to repair the brand. There are a few words about the injector version.

8. The user manual for 2004

New user manual

9. The user manual for 2002

The older manual.

10. ЗАЗ1102, 1105 and their modifications. the repair manual. Atlass-Press, MSK

Book on Tavria - from Moscow publishing houses.

11. Directory of vehicle parts ЗАЗ1102

A book published in the Soviet Union, the Kommunar plant (ZAZ). Parts catalog brand. Drawings of the fasteners.

Parameters and numbers of bearings. Detailed information about the catalogue numbers of spare parts.

12. Tavria - AvtoZAZ - Sheinin

Old book on the Taurus. Published at the expense of AvtoZAZ, has prepared ingeener plant Sheynin

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