GAZ-31105 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
The book is written by leading experts of the Gorky automobile plant, the developers of the GAZ-31105.
The book gives a brief description of the design, features and operation of the vehicle, the volume and frequency of maintenance and repair of the vehicle on the basis of ready spare parts. In the book, this image of special tools and fixtures for maintenance and repair, which is easy to understand their device and make yourself.
GAZ is constantly working on improvement of the car, so the design of the individual units, the technical requirements, frequency and types of maintenance may differ from those given in the book.
The information in the book, are among the most massive configurations and modifications of the car Volga GAZ-31105.
The book is intended for employees of service stations, repair facilities and individual car owners, students of Universities and colleges studying the structure of the car.
Pay attention of readers that the designation of engine models with the number 10 after the model number (example: ZMZ-4062.10) and without a number 10 (e.g. ZMZ-4062) belong to the same engine.

Publisher: Rosavtodora

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