The book is a complete practical guide to repair and restoration automobile body. Step-by-step illustrations demonstrate how to perform time-consuming work for repairs - from removing minor scratches and ending with the replacement of body parts. The book contains information on new materials, required tools and technologies, the guide added illustrations showing the preparatory work and the basic technology of the car.
The main topics of the manual:
- The plastic part facing the car and the plastic bumper, bumper welding and restoration
- Welding and cutting of metals is the necessary equipment and basic techniques for working
- Painting - remove old paint, preparatory work and application of paint
- Glass replacement and automotive glass installation
- Repair power Windows and door locks car
- Removing and preventing rust car bodies
- Installation of additional car equipment like mirrors, antennas, fenders, tow bar, extra headlights etc.
- Work with automotive putty
Decorative body panels and stickers
- Repair of fiberglass car bodies
- Cleaning and polishing the car body
- Advice on safety measures when performing work
- Repair upholstery car interior
- Edit body parts.

Publisher: Alfamer Publishing, Haynes

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