Cars IZH 412, 2125, 2715 and Moskvich 412, 427.
Cars IZH 412, 2125, 2715 and Moskvich 412, 427 . Operation, maintenance, repair. Color photos, color scheme of electrical equipment. Series ""I repair myself"" (color edition). The book presents a description of the maintenance and repair of the car IZH 412, 2125 (21251), 2715 (27151) and Moskvich 412, 427 on the basis of ready spare parts in terms of the garage workshop. The bulk of the material is devoted to the model ","412"" produced by factories AZLK and Izhmash. Distinctive features of the other models presented in the end of the book. All working operations are accompanied by photographs and detailed comments, saving time, effort and money and to minimize the risk of damage to equipment.
A very useful book, the quality certainly leaves much to be desired, but for reference is fine.

Publisher: Publishing house ","the World of Avtoknig""
Series: ""I repair Myself""

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