Maintenance of the car. Book 2. Organization of storage, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.
The book examines the General principles of building systems maintenance, repair and storage of motor transport as a branch of science and practical activities, necessary technician-mechanic working in the field of maintenance and repair of motor transport; set out in an accessible form, a planned maintenance system and TP, regulations, laws and their interrelationships; methods of production management and organization of logistics entities, methods of environmental security; the prospects for the development of services vehicles to date. The manual is intended for students of technical schools and colleges and is written in accordance with the State educational
standard specialty 1705 Technical maintenance and repair of road transport, and can also be recommended for
educational institutions for the training of drivers and technical staff ATP and Stoa.

Book 1 can be downloaded at this link.

Publisher: Publishing House FORUM
Series: Professional education

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