Maintenance of the car. Book 1. Maintenance and current repair of the car.
In this tutorial, released in two books, deals with technical maintenance of the vehicle.
The first book covers the issues of maintenance and repair of freight car brands GAZ, ZIL, KAMAZ, base models of VAZ-2109, Muscovite 2141-01, with classic and front-drive layout scheme, as well as manufactured at present, various modifications of the basic models of the car equipped with fuel injection systems. The basis for the organization of technical maintenance and repair of the car, deal with possible faulty units, mechanisms and systems of the car, their causes and solutions. The second book is devoted to the organization of maintenance, repair and storage of motor vehicles. The textbook is designed for students of colleges and technical schools, specialty maintenance and repair of motor transport and can be useful in the training of drivers and technicians repair service businesses.

Book 2 you can download at this link.

Publisher: Publishing House FORUM
Series: Professional education

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