Body work. Straightening, welding, painting, antirust processing.
All aspects of body vehicle repair - from the evaluation of the General condition and restoration of parts of the body, including after the accident, to decorative ornaments car and restore gloss. Special attention is paid to the modern assortment of paints and varnishes, coatings, care products for the body. The stages of preparing the car for painting, possible defects and methods of their elimination, methods of restoration of old coatings, etc.
Repair domestic and foreign car - profitable activities. Every day a growing number of car companies that are involved in their repair. And if the repair of units and systems, maintenance of the car many motorists produce their own, then body repair can do not everyone. In addition to specific equipment that allows you to restore the original shape of the detail and color of the vehicle requires experience, knowledge of modern materials and features of their use. This is especially important if the car is new and expensive, so the prices on the body work high enough.

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