Daihatsu F70, F75, F77 - repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.Daihatsu F70, F75 and F77, widely used in Daihatsu Fourtrak with short wheelbase or long wheel base, Hardtop, Softtop, wagon or pickup, with its variations of model DL-42, DL-52 Turbo, DL, right-hand drive or left hand drive. Engines F70RV-R, F70LV-R, F70L-R, F75R-R, F75L-R, F77R-PR, F77L-PR, F77R PRC, F77L-PRC, F70RV-D, F70LV-D, F70RV-MDT, F70LV-MDT, F75RV-BD F75LV-BD F75RV-MBDT, F75LV-MBDT, F75LV-BH F70RV-MRQ, F77R-MPQRC, F70RV-MDQ, F75RV-MBHQ, F75RV-MBHTQ, F70R-MRW, F70L-MRW, F75R-MRW, F77R-MPRW, F77L-MPRW, F70RV-MDW, F70LV-MDW, F70RV-MDTW, F70LV-MDTW, F75RV-MBDW, F75LV-MBDW, F75RV-MBDTW, F75LV-MBDTW, F70LV-MHTW, F70LV-MBHW, F75RV-MBHTW, F75LV-MBHTW.Manual contains: General information; Applications; electrical; braking system; clutch; cooling system; differential; engine; front and rear suspension; fuel system; wiring; lubrication system; maintenance; transmission ; steering system.

The contents of the manual:

  • []Model Variation
    []Chassis Serial Number Stamped Position
    []Manufacturers Plate Position
    []Engine Number and Engine Type Stamped Positions
    []Body Color Information
    []Vehicle 4-Plane Diagrams
    []Performance Diagrams
    []Summary of Engine Construction
    []Summary of Body and Other Constructions
    []Summary of Power Train Constructions
    []Summary of Chassis Construction
    []Summary of Body Electrical

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