Moskvich 2141 Svyatogor - a multimedia guide to repair and maintenance.
Moskvich 2141 Svyatogor with engines 1,6 1,7 2,0 i. Device.Service. Diagnosis. Repair. All work in color photographs. Reviewed all modifications of AZLK on the basis of Moskvich-2141, describes repair procedures for three engine UZAM-3317, VAZ-2106, Renault F3R. Description of the design of the car, its individual systems and components, accompanied by detailed drawings. In the special section "Diagnostics" describes the characteristic symptoms of all car faults and ways of their elimination with reference to one or another of the repair section of the book. The Appendix contains recommendations for the installation of additional equipment, photos of the necessary repair tools, reference data on lubricants and operating fluids, lip seals, bearings, tightening torques of threaded connections, and electro color schema for all versions. quality color photos, drawings and diagrams: in one book all the maintenance procedures from replacing the lamp in the headlight before removing the crankshaft, step-by-step illustrated description of the operations will allow even strangers repair Troubleshooting will help to determine the cause of the fault by the characteristic external signs Guide series "on our Own" will appreciate and experienced motorists, and those who recently got behind the wheel and "from scratch" explores the difficult alphabet of the vehicle.

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