The repair manual engine Hino J05C, S05C, S05C-B, S05C-TA, S05C-TB, S05D, Toyota J05C.

This guide is a detailed step-by-step description of the operations for the repair and maintenance of diesel engines Toyota J05C (5.3 liters with decreasing toxicity), S05C (volume of 4.6 liters with electronic control), S05C-B (volume of 4.6 liters), S05C-TA (volume of 4.6 liters turbocharged), S05C-TB (volume of 4.6 liters with Turbonegro-tion and Common Rail) and S05D (volume of 4.9 liters with electronic control). The guide describes the possible faults and malfunctions are described and ways of their elimination. In this book, specified mating dimensions main components and parts, listed the limits of their allowable wear, was given instruction on the diagnosis and adjustment of fuel injection pump, as well as starting systems and charging.

A separate Chapter of the guide provides information on the evaluation and diagnosis of electronic engine control, also have waveforms and instructions for using the self-diagnostic system EFI.

Also in the manual there are wiring diagrams of control systems for Hino motors.

This guide can be used for the repair 5-cylinder engines Hino J07C and 6-cylinder engines Hino J08C, which are installed on cars Hino Ranger.
ISBN 5-88850-276-6

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