GAZ-66-11 and its modifications - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
The book gives brief characteristics of the car GAZ-66-11, its design features, recommendations for maintenance and repair. The book is intended for specialists in automobile transport can be useful for owners of individual vehicles.
Off-road vehicle GAZ-66-11 is designed for transportation of goods and people in various road conditions and off-road. The car is made in the performance or T according to GOST 15150-69 and intended for operation in ambient temperatures from plus 50 to minus 45 °C.
The car can tow a trailer having a tow hitch according to GOST 2349-75, electric wires according to GOST 9200-76 version 1, two-wire pneumatic drive of brake system according to GOST 4364-81.
Gorky automobile plant produces the following models of vehicle:
GAZ-66-11 main modification;
GAZ-66-12 with winch;
GAZ-66-14 with shielded electrical equipment"";
GAZ-66-15 with a winch and screened electrical equipment.

The parameters given in the Manual without tolerances are given for reference.

As vehicle design is constantly being improved, individual components and assemblies may be slightly different from those described in this Manual.

Genre:user Manual
Publisher: Gorky Automobile Plant/DjVu/DOC(fully recognized)

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