Self-propelled chassis of school-20
Self-propelled chassis of school-20 is a versatile four-wheeled tractor whose engine is located in the back, and the front part is a tubular frame. Compared to a conventional tractor have a self-propelled chassis center of gravity to the axis of the rear wheels, which provides better traction wheels with the ground. The book describes: technical specifications, chassis, major assemblies, electrical equipment, care rules for nodes, chassis and etc., the manufacturer of self-propelled chassis is working hard to improve the reliability and durability of the chassis of school-20. In the successful implementation of this work is of great importance to the systematic objective information from the field of operation of self-propelled chassis of any problems during the operation process faults and failures, as well as shortcomings in the design.

Genre:Manual repair and operation
Publisher: Ensign/DjVu(fully recognized)+DOC

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