Tractor BELARUS-1221.2, 1221 Century 2, 1221.3
The user manual contains a brief description and technical characteristics of the tractor BELARUS-1221.2/1221 Century 2/1221.3, production of the Minsk tractor plant. Outlines the basic rules of operation of machines, the information on their adjustment and maintenance. The manual is intended for tractor operators engaged in the operation of tractors BELARUS.
In connection with the policy ON DOLE aimed at continuous improvement of products, the design of individual Assembly units and parts of tractor BELARUS may be changed that are not reflected in this publication. Some technical data and illustrations given in this book may differ from the actual on Your tractor. Weights and dimensions are approximate (reference). Detailed information You can get from the dealer Belarus.

Publisher: Minsk tractor works(fully recognized), DjVu, DOC

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