Tractor T-74 - user guide / instruction on repair, maintenance and operation.

Tractor T-74 refers to the type of crawler tractors of high power and is mainly intended for work in agriculture with mounted and trailed machines and implements at higher speeds.

The guide describes the design of the caterpillar tractor T-74 and its separate mechanisms; provides instructions on care mechanisms during the operation, preventive maintenance rules, the rules of the grease, etc Guide is for tractor drivers, foremen tractor crews, mechanics and other persons associated with the operation.

Reliable and long work of the tractor to a large extent depends on timely and proper care. When operating the tractor you must have the following:

1. Before starting the engine to make sure there is oil in the crankcase and water in the radiator.

2. After running the tractor replace the engine oil, transmission and other mechanisms and to rinse the oil filters; tighten the nuts of the cylinder head and adjust backlashes in valves; check and tighten mounting other components.

3. Working on the tractor, to follow the readings. To maintain the cooling system the temperature of the water and oil in the range of 8095° C with blinds, radiator. Operation of the engine with the air suction in the joints of the air cleaner is strictly forbidden.

4. To apply the fuel and oil only those marks which are indicated in this manual.

5. Fill the fuel tank with clean diesel fuel, ostavavsheesya not less than 48 hours.

6. In the cold season, when temperatures are below 0° C avoid thawing of the engine when you stop the tractor for a long time, it is necessary to drain the water from the cooling system, leaving open the drain cock of the radiator and drain pipe on the block-crankcase. After every 480 hours. work to remove the engine nozzles, check and if necessary adjust them to the injection pressure and quality of spray. Every 960 hour. work to check the fuel pump performance and uniformity of flow. For the permanent operation of the gearbox, main gear and side gear and prevent premature failure, you must perform the following: After 480 hours. work to change the oil in gearbox, main and side gears with the obligatory washing crankcases diesel fuel. During the transition to winter operation of the gearbox, main and side gears to fill avtolom (A K-10 And K-15). In order to avoid dust and dirt in the gearbox and the main transmission to prevent operation of the tractor with a weakened bolts fastening the hatch of the rear axle, and transmission mount to rear axle and other connections of the transmission. With the appearance of a leak in the seal for the input shaft to replace the oil seal BSK-70 new, which is applied to each tractor. Every 960 hour. work as well as when replacing the bearings check the end play of the mainshaft in the bearings 66409Д. The axial displacement of the secondary shaft must not exceed 0.3 mm. To resolve the large dynamic loads on transmission parts at the time of starting the tractor from the place you need to put the tractor in at low rpm (the average position of the fuel lever). When the tractor sprinkler type DDN-45 also need to start working at low engine speeds, with smooth clutch master clutch. After moving the tractor the Ford, and every day at work to thaw by immersion of the tractor to the level of the hubs of the rollers need to check the oil level in the final gear and in case of increase of level due to the ingress of water and dirt to replace the lubricant with a flushing of the crankcases. It is necessary to check the sealing state of the on-Board transfer and eliminate faults. To turn on and off the pump only with the engine off. During operation of the tractor it is necessary to monitor the serviceability of the rubber spring shock absorbers engine mounts, especially the rear. Highly recommend to adhere strictly to the rules given in the manual.

Publisher: ENSIGN

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