The program virtual tuning VAZ 2107
Program for virtual tuning VAZ 2107 good program for external rework the classics and you can see how your machine.
The program was created by the participants of one of the forums about tuning the classics created by the program for an approximate tuning of your car to fully visualize the look of the car with different modifications.
-Paint Work
Tinted - tinted separately separately before the ass can also be toned and completely.
Color auto - color Atlantic, Baltic, Magellan, the ocean, Romance, Solaris, Black, White, Ashma, Eggplant, cherry, Indigo, Moray, Safari, Cappuccino, or you can choose the color yourself.
Understatement - the understatement of the suspension.
Disassembly of the parts is to remove the bumper to remove the fenders and mount the bumpers.
Drives - Stoke R13 and R14 as Slick says the Creator of the drives will be replenished.
Lights - Front drain with white direction indicators and Rear-the so-called Baku.
Handle - Drain, Clean, Drilled and Euros.
The program is being constantly improved according to the Creator of the soon to be bumper, which of course exist, a selection of disks, mirrors, optics, and much more.

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