The www.autorepguide.com project gives you the opportunity to download the BMW X5 E70 Repair Manual from 2007. The BMW X5 can be equipped with a petrol engine model N52K or N62TU or a diesel engine M57T2.

The contents of the manual for BMW X5 presented on autorepguide.com:
  1. User manual BMW X5
  2. car maintenance BMW series X
  3. engine maintenance and repair N52K
  4. engine maintenance and repair N62TU
  5. engine maintenance and repair M57T2
  6. maintenance and repair of BMW X5 automatic gearbox
  7. diagnostics and maintenance of xdrive and propeller shafts
  8. diagnostics and maintenance of brake system BMW X5
  9. diagnostics and maintenance of steering BMW X5
  10. diagnostics, maintenance and repair of the front suspension BMW X5
  11. diagnostics, maintenance and repair of the rear axle BMW X5
  12. BMW X5 - onboard electric equipment of the car
  13. body repair and maintenance BMW X5
  14. BMW X5 air conditioning system