Owners of Mercedes Sprinter cars are available for inspection manual repair Mercedes Sprinter (W906) 2006-2013 release. Mercedes Sprinter equipped with diesel engines of models:

  • OM651.955
  • OM651.956
  • OM651.957 (2.2 liters of Common Rail);
  • OM646.984
  • OM646.985
  • OM646.986
  • OM646.989
  • OM646.990 (2.2 liters of Common Rail);
  • OM642.896
  • OM642.992 (3.0 liters of common rail)

The Mercedes Sprinter repair and service book for sale includes the following sections:

  • operating instructions for Mercedes Sprinter W906
  • information on maintenance of cars Sprinter
  • repair and adjustment of engine components:

common rail fuel system Mercedes
lubrication and cooling systems

  • mechanical and automatic transmission Mercedes Sprinter
  • brake system
  • traction control system (ASR)
  • the system of traffic stability (ESP)
  • steering system
  • Suspension (air suspension, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)) Mercedes Sprinter W906
  • Bodywork Elements Sprinter W906

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