Introducing a book for one of the most massive cars - Mitsubishi Lancer Repair Manual. The book also contains a section - The manual of the Mitsubishi Lancer, this model Mitsubishi is produced since 2006, the Lancer can be completed with such models of engines:
Mitsubishi Lancer 4A91
Mitsubishi Lancer 4B10
Mitsubishi Lancer 4B11

Contents of the Mitsubishi Lancer repair manual:
Operating Instructions Lancer
Maintenance and general inspection and adjustment procedures
Engine 4A91
Engines 4B10 (1.8 L) and 4B11 (2.0 L)
Mitsubishi Lancer engine - general repair procedures
Powertrain support Mitsubishi
Cooling system Lancer
Lubrication system Mitsubishi Lancer
Mitsubishi Fuel Injection System (MPI)
System for reducing toxicity
Intake and exhaust systems Lancer
Ignition system Mitsubishi Lancer
Lancer launch system
Clutch Mitsubishi Lancer
Manual transmission Lancer
Automatic transmission (F4A4A)
Variator (F1CJA) Mitsubishi Lancer
Power shafts Lancer
Front suspension Mitsubishi Lancer
Rear suspension Lancer
Mitsubishi Power Steering
Power Steering Lancer
Brake system Mitsubishi Lancer
Body Mitsubishi
Heater, air conditioning and ventilation system Mitsubishi
Passive safety systems (SRS)
Electric equipment body Mitsubishi Lancer
Schemes of electrical equipment Lancer

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