FIAT Bravo / Brava 1995-2001 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

Guidance on repair and maintenance of car FIAT Bravo/Brava equipped petrol and diesel engines.

Petrol engines:

182 B2.000 1.2 l/60 kW (82 HP) Bosch Motronic 1.5.5

182 A3.000 1.4 l/59 kW (80 HP) Bosch Mono - Motronic SPI

182 A4.000 1.6 l/76 kW (103 HP) Weber IAW

182 A2.000 1.8 l/83 kW (113 HP) Hitaci

Diesel engines:

160-7.000 1.9 l/48 kW (65 HP) Lucas FT05

TD75 182.A8000 1.9 l/55 kW (75 HP) Bosch VER 679

TD100 182.A7000 1.9 l/74 kW (100 HP) Lucas DPC FT09

JTD 1.9 l/105 kW (105 HP) Common Rail

This manual contains pictures and descriptions, clarifying the function of various parts and showing their location.

The book is intended for owners of FIAT Bravo/Brava , workers stations and service stations.

The purpose of this Guide: to become simple and clear instruction that will allow competently discuss and plan repair Your car with a professional mechanic or run it on their own. The work described and photographed in a phased sequence, so that they can perform even a novice.

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