Ford A4LD Automatic Transmitions Service Manual
The guide is instructions for maintenance, repair and operation of the automatic transmission A4LD Ford series.

A4LD is a 4-speed automatic transmission with Overdrive with lock-down of a hydro transformer. 3/4 4/3 and Converter clutch are controlled by the processor EEC-IV through the 3-4 shift solenoid and tcc solenoid.

EEC-IV electronically controls the solenoid clutch hydro transformer, which hydraulically operates the clutch piston plate in the transducer, which provides a lock (solid drive) and unlock. Electronics also prevents the use of traction in engine operating conditions, where noise, vibration or stiffness would be most evident in a solid drive gear. These modes are: rollover / roll-over, applying the brakes, closed throttle, cold engine, very heavy / wide open throttle and low engine rpm to minimize traction.

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