Ford Transit diesel 2.5 l 1986-2000 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
The guide contains General information about the device the car Ford Transit, manual, recommendations for maintenance, description of possible malfunctions of the engine, transmission (manual and automatic), suspension, steering (including power steering) brake system (with both ABS and without it), electric equipment and elements of the body. Technical the tips given in this manual helps to carry out maintenance and to make repairs as the service station, and on their own.

The purpose of this guide is to provide maximum assistance to the car owner in the operation and planning of repair in car service workshop and own

Collected and provided in this manual allows the car owner to determine what works for its maintenance needs to be done and when, and whether С1Яысл try to perform them yourself, or should contact the dealership office of the manufacturer or workshop auto service the guide includes the description of procedures of obligatory routine maintenance of the vehicle and the schedule of their performance in addition, provides information on diagnostics of malfunctions of knots and car systems (in case of their refusal), as well as ways to eliminate their causes. The guide is divided into Chapters Each Chapter is divided into Sections. The sections in turn are divided into subsections and consist of paragraphs numbered Text is accompanied by explanatory illustrations Each illustration is numbered by a decimal number, in accordance with the provisions in Chapter 5 1 this is the first illustration of Section 5 Links the position of the node or component to the left or right are relative to the person who is sitting in the driver's seat facing forward. If not specified anything else, the nuts and bolts unscrewed by turning counterclockwise and tighten clockwise. Once described in the text of the manual of procedure, in General, never again To perform the previously described procedures, the text provides a link to the relevant Chapter and section of the manual

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