Honda Civic 1984-2006 - a large collection of manuals for maintenance and repair of the vehicle.

Of Honda cars are available in two body versions: 2-door Coupe and 4-door Sedan. 4-cylinder inline petrol engine mounted transversely in front of the car and equipped by system of electronic injection of fuel.
Cars have front-wheel drive and can be equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission (rkpp), 4-speed automatic transmission (at) or continuously variable automatic transmission type: CVT (CVT). Drive shafts have independent design. All four wheels have independent suspension and equipped with suspension struts with coil springs. Steering gear rack type equipped with a system of hydraulic amplification and is located behind the power unit.
Brakes the front wheels have a disk design. The rear wheels can be fitted with both disc and drum brake mechanisms. Standard on most models include anti-lock brakes (ABS).

This collection of guides collected at the limitless expanse of the Internet, it covers cars Honda Civic produced since 1984.

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