HONDA Engines D13, D14, D15, D16 (ZC), D17 - user guide / instruction on repair, maintenance and operation.
The guide presents step-by-step procedures for operation, repair and maintenance, the mobile gasoline engines Honda D13 (1.3 l), D14 (1.4 l), D15 (1.5 l), D16 (1C) (1.6 l) and D17 (1.7 l).
Modifications of these engines were installed at the Honda Capa, Civic, Civic Ferio, Domani, Integra, HR-V, Edix, Logo, Parter, Stream, Isuzu Gemini and Acura EL.
The publication contains detailed information on repair and adjustment mechanisms of the engine, the fuel injection system variable valve timing and lift height of the valves (VTEC, VTEC-E), ignition systems, starting and charging, instructions for using the self-diagnosis system of the engine.
Lists the possible malfunctions and methods of their elimination, mating dimensions of the main parts and limits of their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and working fluids.

ISBN 978-5-88850-334-8

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