Honda Civic (2001-2005) - guide the repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Manual repair, maintenance and installation of car Honda Civic produced during the period 2001-2005. Civic was equipped with petrol engines models: D14, D16, D17 and K20. Presented at the guide contains vital information for carrying out repairs and adjustments of the control systems of the engines, D14, D16, D17 and K20. The book has instructions for use by owners of the Honda Civic system self-diagnosis of the vehicle systems such as engine management, automatic transmission, ABS, etc. The manual provides guidance for fine adjustment and repair of complex mechanical and automatic gearboxes Honda brake system (ABS inclusive), steering and suspension. Detailed picture and describes work to test, adjusting or servicing the ABS system. Presented in the book electrical circuits and verify electrical equipment Honda Civic various equipment. Described in this manual are the possible breakdowns and malfunctions of these cars, the methods to remedy them by the car owner. The following table shows the mating dimensions of the parts and components, the limits of their allowable wear, recommended lubricants manufacturer, technical working fluid.

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