HONDA ACCORD, ACCORD WAGON / TORNEO release period 1997-2002 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Presented at the book - Guidance on repair, operating instructions and manual to maintenance Honda Accord / Torneo, and Accord Wagon manufactured between 1997 and 2002.
These cars are equipped with gasoline engines models, F18B, F20B, F23A, Н22А and Н23А.
The manual contains detailed information necessary for the repair or adjustment of elements and systems of motor control (in this case, F18B, F20B, F23A, Н22А and Н23А) systems, VTC - variable valve timing and a VTEC system changes the lift height of the valves. The book also contains manuals for maintenance and repair of automatic gearboxes, manual owner HONDA system self-diagnosis the engine control, automatic transmission or ABS.

There are also recommendations for fine adjustment and repair of HONDA braking systems (ABS and VSA), steering Accord, his suspension and automatic connection of a full drive - DPS.

Presented in this manual are detailed electrical schematic diagrams and descriptions of possible checks of the electrical equipment of Honda Accord models in various versions and configuration.
Given in the book the possible faults and malfunctions that may occur during the operation of vehicles and methods of their elimination by the car owner. Given in the tables, the mating dimensions of the parts and assemblies, indicate the limits of their allowable wear. Lists recommended by the manufacturer oils and lubricants and other working fluids.

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