Honda Civic. Model 1991 -1999. issue with gasoline engines.
The guide provides a description of procedures for repair and maintenance of car HONDA CIVIC 1991-99 vols. release left and right-hand steering, equipped with petrol engines volume of 1.3 l, 1.4 l, 1.5 l, 1.6 l (SOHC, DOHC).
The publication contains detailed information on the diagnosis, repair and adjustment of engine, instructions on using the self-diagnosis of injection systems. ABS, automatic transmission and climate control, recommendations on repair and adjustment of mechanical and automatic transmissions. Lists the possible malfunctions and methods of their elimination, mating dimensions"," main parts and the limits of their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and hydraulic fluids, provides detailed wiring diagrams.
However, please note that the guide is not possible to give all design changes, which could be subjected to the cars in the production process.
The book is intended for car owners, the staff of service stations and repair shops.

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