Hyundai Terracan 2001 operation, maintenance and repair of the car.
In the manual Operation, maintenance, repair of Hyundai Terracan, set out a full description of the car Hyundai Terracan with petrol (G6CV) and diesel (D4BH, J3) engines, produced in 2001. The material contains background data, the detailed setting, the diagnostic characteristics of the injection pump elements of the electronic control systems COVEC-F and Common Rail diesel engines and fuel injection system for petrol engine. The guide contains rules and regulations manual for Hyundai Terracan, the Handbook outlines a phased order of procedures for maintenance of the body and its components, chassis, engine and gearbox, all systems and units of the car. This manual contains many diagrams and illustrations, which gives the opportunity to produce high-quality repair and replacement of vehicle parts, as automotive service professionals and ordinary motorists

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