A guide to repair and maintenance of car Hyundai Elantra J3 since 2000.
This Guide is intended for workers in the service of official dealers of Hyundai to use as a guide to ensure efficient and qualitative execution of works on repair and maintenance of car Hyundai Elantra J3.
From quality repairs and maintenance service Hyundai substantially depends on whether consumers of the products of Hyundai is pleased with them. It is therefore important for service personnel to thoroughly know the contents of this Manual and constantly used his help, keeping it in an easily accessible place.
All contained in the User information, including photographs, drawings, digital data and specifications reflect the design of the car at the time of printing. In the case of making the design of the car changes relating to service dealers will be sent to the appropriate technical bulletins, or additional sections to the Manual. All received new information must necessarily be made in the Guide.

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