Repair manual Audi 80 / Audi 90 B3
This manual applies to all versions of the car.
All additional equipment, for example a car radio, has its instructions. The manual provides basic guidelines for the operation of the vehicle. Please read them carefully. The recommendations are intended for proper maintenance and care. Pay particular attention to the section of driving tips it gives advice on safe and economical driving with sensibility and respect for the environment. In the documentation supplied with the car is maintenance.

In it, among other things, contain:
basic information about your machine;
maintenance intervals and oil change;
mandatory scope of work under inspection;
recommendations for the warranty.

This manual describes the Audi 80 / Audi 90 with gasoline engines except 16 - and 20 - valve models, release from September 1986 to July 1991.
The guide provides a detailed description of the vehicle, instructions for maintenance and repair, recommendations for savings in the repair, diagnosis of car faults.

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