The technical guidance for car repair Kia Sorento, release in 2002, equipped with gasoline engines internal combustion models G6CU (3.5 liters) and G4JS (2,4 liters), was also used diesel engines, model D4CB (2.5 liters CRDi (WGT and VGT)).
In the book there are data on the services, conduct diagnosis, adjustment and repair of components, assemblies of the engine, the various elements of the system of electronic control diesel engine with Common Rail system. The manual has the data for servicing fuel injection systems, ignition, boost. Instructions for using the system self-test engine, SRS - passive safety systems of a car ABS - anti-lock braking system brakes, automatic transmission, EBD -electronic system of distribution of brake efforts of the car, TOD (ATT) - control system four-wheel drive Full Time 4WD and EST - all-wheel drive system (Part Time 4WD. Also presents data on repair of air-conditioning system, maintain a constant speed, this for adjusting automatic and manual gearboxes, the steering system. Describes the instructions for adjustment and repair of brake components (including ABS, EBD), undercarriage parts of the vehicle .
Provided various malfunctions of the machine and Troubleshooting required dimensions and limits of wear, lubricants and hydraulic fluids recommended by the manufacturer.
Shows trouble codes, check engine control units, automatic transmission, all-wheel drive system (EST and TOD), maintaining a constant speed, anti-lock braking system (ABS, EBD), and air conditioning.
The described changes of the components and assemblies of cars that were modified in the process of modernization of production of this model. Given part numbers that You will need in the process of maintenance of the car Kia Sorento.

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