Lancia Dedra (Extract from the dealer manual) - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

Extract from the dealer manual in the Russian language devoted to the repair of the car Lancia Dedra. These engines volume of 1,4 l and 1,6 l was used in all models Fiat release from the late 80s to mid first decade of the new century. In addition to engines examined clutch and manual gear box changes gear. But this is refers to a Lancia Dedra, so an exact match to Your Fiat are not guaranteed. Also these engines were completed with some modifications of Alfa Romeo.

The FIAT engine FIAT 159 A1-160 A1 159 A2 FIAT, FIAT 160 A2.


Ignition system


System type

Models 1.4 l Magnetti Marelli inductive discharge

Model 1.6 l Magnetti Marelli Digiplex 2

Ignition coil

The resistance of the primary winding:

Models 1.4 l 0.666 - 0.814 Ohms

Model 1.6 l 0.405 - 0.495 Ohms

Resistance of secondary winding:

Models 1.4 l 2970-3630 Om

. Model 1.6 l 4320-5280 Om


The direction of rotation of the runner dispenser counterclockwise

The firing order ..: 1-3-4-2 (No. 1 cylinder is nearest to the actuator cover)

The rotation angle of the Cam of the dispenser is Automatically controlled by the electronic unit (not adjustable)

The ignition timing (at idle with vacuum pipe disconnected)

Models 1.4 l 10° + 2° Btdc

Model 1.6 l 12° + 2° Btdc

Spark plugs


Models 1.4 l RN9YCC or Champion RN9YC

Model 1.6 l Champion RN7YCC or RN7YC

Electrode gap:

Spark RN7YC and RN9YC 0.7 mm

RN7YCC spark and RN9YCC 0.8 mm

Tightening torque Nm

Spark plugs 37


Cooling system


System type Water pump belt driven radiator cross

stream with built-in expansion tank, electric fan and thermostat


Type Wax

Temperature start:

Models 1.4 l 85-89°C

Model 1.6 l 80-84°C

The full opening of the thermostat (all models) 100 °C

Lifting height (minimum) 7.5 mm

Opening pressure lid

the surge tank 0.98 bar

The working temperature of the fan

Activation of the fan 90 - 94 °C

Off fan 85 - 89 °C

The tension on the timing belt

water pump/generator

Models with the steering without amplification With moderate thumb pressing deviation of approximately 10.0 mm at the point midway between the pulleys of the crankshaft and the generator

Models with the steering amplifier With moderate thumb pressing deviation of approximately 5.0 mm at the point midway between crankshaft pulley and water pump


Type/specification Soft water and antifreeze based on ethylene glycol (Duckhams

Universal Antifreeze and Summer Coolant)

Filling system capacity 6.5 l

Tightening torques Nm

The bolts securing the water pump 25

Temperature sensor coolant 49

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