A guide to repair and maintenance of car Audi 100 / 200 1990-1994 years of release equipped gasoline engines working volume of 2.0, a 2.2, a 2.3, a 2.8-liter and diesel engines working volume of 2.4, 2.5 liters.

The guide describes the design of the car is very detailed and describes the various stages of Assembly and deconstruction of the operation, repair and adjusting works on the car. If you are going to do the repairs yourself, will be a useful section with specific recommendations for car care in a home workshop.

More detail procedures engine repair (both current and capital repairs), ignition system, fuel injection system (separately discusses the injection system Ke-Motronic, Ke III-Jetronic, Monomotronic, Motronic, Mr I and Mpf I) fuel system diesel engine cooling system. clutch, suspension and steering, front and rear suspensions, brake system, body, electrical, transmission.

Recommendations on maintenance, wiring diagrams Audi 100, 200, controlling the size and the adjustment data is provided in separate chapters.

Size 65.82 Mb

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