Mazda BT-50 - tutorial car.
The concept of the product
New model Mazda BT-50 replaces model B-Series, the existing pickup truck of the company Mazda. The goal of the team development model BT-50 was the creation of a new model pickup with a modern model range, transmitting the spirit of Mazda Zoom-Zoom kind of way.
Model BT-50 has inherited the characteristics of durability and reliability serial chassis model B-Serias. At the same time she introduces a new body style and new technology, from which buyers get pleasure in the new cars, and at the same time require more pickups.
Model BT-50 is offered in the layout RWD (Rear Wheel Drive = rear wheel drive) as a 2WD model or as a model with manual connection of four-wheel drive 4WD.

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