Project support for car owners is to review a rather interesting owner's manual, the repair step by step procedures and routine maintenance of the car Mercedes-Benz GELANDEWAGEN W463 model, produced in the period from 1989 to 2005. GELANDEWAGEN was equipped with a gasoline internal combustion engine Mercedes model OM 103 OM 104 OM 112 and 113 OHMS, respectively with a volume of 3.0; 3.2 and 5.0 liters.

The book contains:

- section manual Gelendvagene

- detailed information on performing periodic maintenance of Mercedes-Benz

- description of the diagnosis status, the repair and adjustment of:

-- the various elements of the engine (including the fuel injection system, lubrication and cooling of the engine, electronic ignition, cranking, and charging battery)

-- automatic gearboxes (automatic transmission 772.3 / 772.6)

-- brake system Mercedes-Benz (including the anti-lock system (ABS)

-- anti-buccofacial system W463 (ETS)

-- system ESP - stability of an SUV

-- system GELANDEWAGEN locking differentials (front / center / rear)

-- Gelika steering, suspension and axles.

The guide contains instructions on diagnostics of electronic systems such as engine management, automatic transmission and ABS.

Described in detail codes of possible breakdowns and malfunctions, described the conditions of their occurrence and possible causes.

The manual contains a list of the connectors of electric wiring and description of the procedures to test the signals at the terminals of the control units W463 different systems - PinData.

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